Well as the above statement reads, all good things must end. It does sadden me to say this but due to low player counts and no donations the server will be shutting down. 
Tekkit Classic as a whole is outdated and most players nowadays dont care for it. 
We truly do thank all of you for playing in the last few years.
Server Will Stay Online Until Tuesday The 22nd
 You the players kept the server going for months.
 I can speak for all of the remaining staff when I say we will miss you guys and the server itself. 
-Staff Here At TN

CinnomanSteve wow. just... i cant believe this. you guys deserved the $20 i spent on the server. i will dearly miss this amazing tekki ...
nickriver Wow. I surely will remember this server. My donation was the best 20$ ever spent. Sorry to see you guys go! Its been goo ...
davima5950 how much did it normally cost to keep the server running?